Societies keep and cultivate the image of some of their ancestors by their achievements, often disregarding most other beings and various elements that are part of them.

This series is about the forgotten ones, the cruelty of the indifference that absorbs the spectator, the indifference for human beings, animals and other elements of nature, which becomes abandonment and gratuitous elimination. Dealing with the changes and the migrations running through our history, Unknown is about everything that should have been considered but wasn’t.





Based on the Great Wave of Kanagawa by the Japanese artist Hokusai, these works present several layers of symbolic landscapes that reinterpret this iconic visual motif.
Ecological concerns, the importance of feminine power, new spaces and parallel worlds, cosmic reflections, are treated with strong and vibrant colors. In the photographic series titled “From everything and much more,” the artist offers us the memory of a forest, from sunset until sunrise. It is a journey through the night where the stars, flowers and objects that create dreams interlace and which lasts until the sun doesn’t rise on the horizon.